This is the model nearest and dearest to my heart. As a career firefighter, I felt I could accurately depict what a casket designed especially for firefighters should entail. We have spared no expense to create something special for your loved one. We have tried to incorporate as many aspects of this noble profession as possible. Details on The Smoke Eater model include gold leaf pin striping, Maltese cross attachment points for our removable bronze headed pike poles, tread plate trim, and other features unique to the firefighting profession.


The "No Limit" model was developed out of the popularity for poker. Poker is a way of life for some and a passion for millions. We felt there should be a casket that represents these individuals. Images of clubs, spades, hearts and diamonds are used for attachment points for handles. Poker table felt inhabits the interior with a stunning "Royal Flush" stitched in the head panel. Other elements for the interior include four colors of clay poker chips that are used for buttons. The beautiful finish for the model patterns the colors used in card playing, Pearl white, Black and Red. When choosing this model," There is no gamble".


black betty


This beautiful gloss-black, full tread plate model has a gorgeous candy red trim. Available in full trim or limited trim (as shown), it is impossible to go wrong with this choice. This model has light tan, simulated sea turtle interior, professionally upholstered with a diamond-stitched lid liner.


It would be hard to argue that this might be our finest casket. Dedicated to the fine men and women who proudly serve in our armed forces. Five inch bold letters spell our ARMY down both side while U.S. adorn both ends. Hex bar gives the handles a distinct uniformed look. The U.S. Army motto is lazer cut in both lid trim pieces. Rank designation available upon request. Original transition camo is used to upholster the interior with a custom embroidered American flag inset in the head panel. Desert sand and olive green are the colors of the day. Nothing but the finest for our nations finest.




The Uncle Sam Navy casket is for that individual that is a " Sea" Dog through and through. Old school anchors are used for end handle attachments while NAVY is spelled out on the sides. Material used for the handles include braided steel rope which signifies the rope that has been part of the navy for centuries. Anchors adorn the lid trim also with the letters U.S.N. across them. This same anchor is also beautifully stitched in the head panel. The finish should be easily recognizable to any Navy veteran, Haze Gray and Navy Blue.


The Uncle Sam Air Force might be our most beautiful military casket. Accurate Blue and Silver colors are used throughout. Handles and trim make use of the Air Force emblem as well as the letters U.S.A.F. The motto is also laser cut in the lid trim "Above All" while the USAF symbol is stitched into the head panel.




The Uncle Sam Marine casket uses as many elements from the Marine Corp as possible. The eagle globe and anchor is used to adorn the end handles, while U.S.M.C is utilized for the sides. The interior is authentic marine corp camo with a custom stitched American flag. Lid trim pieces include the word Marines over the Marine corp motto, Semper Fi. Finally the finish is Olive Green and Desert Sand. Rank specific lid trim is available give ample time.


The White Lightning is a combination of brilliant white and candy apple red. Beautiful alone but outstanding together these two colors can be well suited for either sex. Crimson sateen with white accents finish out the interior. Always an excellent choice!




When I first developed the idea for Hot Rod Caskets, this was the casket I envisioned building. Tread plate was the material I chose to incorporate with the symbol for bikers, hot-rodders, and free spirits everywhere: the iron cross. Beefy hardware was also a must. With that in mind, we use 1 ¼ twisted steel handles with iron cross attachment points. Some might claim that our caskets are overbuilt, and my answer is always, "That's the whole point."


Hard to find a more beautiful color combination than our candy blue and bengal silver model, the Blue Streak. We knew the first time we saw these two colors together we had to make it part of our permanent line. Two tone grey and platinum interior sets this model apart.




The Flat Out model is named after the way many people live their live, Flat Out. We use a combination of flat black and flat silver powder coat for a clean understated look. Two tone simulated leather interior complete this beautiful casket.


When designing our urn we wanted to capture the spirit of the individuals that we serve. We believe that no other symbol captures this more than the Iron Cross. Easy to recognize the Iron Cross symbolizes Individualism, Freedom, Strength and a will to live your life on your terms. The choices for materials include stainless steel, steel, and diamond plate aluminum. Call for color availability and special color orders.